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      Jiangsu Color Printing Co., founded in 1994, since its establishment, the care and support of all sectors of society, public and business units, has now developed into a area of 150,000 square meters, construction area of 86,800 square meters, fixed assets of 360 million yuan, annual production capacity of 1.2 billion yuan of well-known enterprises. The company has 680 employees, including professional engineers, technical staff of 68 people. Formation of offset, flexo, gravure, screen printing four production lines; company fully enclosed workshop, central air conditioning, effectively guarantee the workshop temperature and humidity; 100,000 sterile workshop flexo far to achieve national food packaging requirements; company UF U8-EPR implementation of enterprise management systems, the full implementation of information technology. Garden-style factory, hire a professional property company (Zhenjiang Hua Zhou properties), plant maintenance professionals, to provide staff with the most comfortable working environment.

Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. Danyang welfare

Packing Co., Ltd. Danyang Playmates

Sichuan fly Packaging Co. Ltd.