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Second Chinese green printing media conference held in Beijing Enterprise Survey

2014/6/7      view:
    June 5, 2014, the second Chinese green printing business survey will meet the media successfully held at the Holiday Inn Beijing Temple of Heaven. China Printing Technology Association Deputy Secretary-General of the southern chaired the meeting. China Printing Technology Association, vice chairman and secretary general of the song Dodson attend conference. China Press reported that the China Environment News, HC printing network, network printing division, winning more than a dozen network printing and environmental protection professional media representatives attended the meeting.
    China Printing Technology Association of Anderson, vice chairman and secretary general on behalf of the organizers song speech, he combined the first Chinese green printing business survey results, a brief analysis of the survey on the implementation process of promoting China Green Printing significance. He pointed out: As the printing industry towards the full implementation of green printing of the year, at this stage of the past and continue to carry out work better for the future implementation of green printing green printing company investigation and popularization of great significance. Green printing business surveys can help businesses understand the achievements of green printing and green certification progress; major problems in the implementation of green parties expressly printing process needs to be addressed; understand the difficulties and obstacles encountered by enterprises in the green printing process; simultaneously You can also develop appropriate measures and policies for the relevant departments to provide a basis for reference. Goes to combine printing environment, he mentioned: the printing industry after years of rapid development, is currently facing a bottleneck in the development, transformation and upgrading, green printing is the printing industry in the direction of the front row. Through the creation of green printing can help to a great extent and promote China's printing industry to achieve energy conservation, low-carbon economy with the goal of improving the level of environmental protection and improvement of China's printing industry. Second Chinese green printing company investigation of Green Printing future implementation and promotion of the work of popularization and application of green printing, decision-making and the development of the industry, have a great role in promoting.
    Subsequently, the "China Printing" magazine editor Olivia a first reviewed and summarized the situation in 2013 China carried out a green printing company investigation and describes the processes and activities of the themes and highlights of the 2014 investigation of the investigation. Second Chinese green printing business survey will be conducted in the period from June to October, 2014, for closing December 31, 2013 more than 400 certified green printing company to investigate. She stressed that the direction of the investigation activities were investigated: the "green printing companies in selecting, purchasing habits and ideas on green raw materials." The investigation will focus on customers, suppliers, industry executives as a foothold to launch; around the "green printing raw material" of the center, which relates to enterprises in the green printing raw material usage, brand awareness, consumer attitudes, Purchase behavior habits. Meanwhile, she explained: implementation of green printing, printing companies should work hard in printed materials, technology, environmental dimensions, while the real production of environmental compliance, pollution-free green printing products, the use of essential raw materials green . According to macroeconomic forecasting for some time, with the promotion of green printing, green raw materials market growth curves show a rising trend, which will change the current pattern of the printing market, for the majority of printing raw material suppliers to bring more development opportunities.
    The meeting concluded, Tianjin Toyo Ink Co. consultant Zhou Mei as a support unit to speak. China Printing Technology Association Deputy Secretary-General of the south made a brief summary of the meeting. It is reported that from June 2014, China Printing Technology Association's "China Printing", "print quality and standardization," the Chinese printing industry network, "China Printing Yearbook" and other media will be news, features, advertising and other forms of giving sustained continuous coverage, promote green printing, push the investigation work carried out. Under the arrangements of the event, the second green printing business survey report will be released to the industry during the "Shanghai All India Show" in November 2014. This year's survey will be made into two forms of "print" and "e-Edition" is free to the needs of the media and business.