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2009 Chinese printing industry turbulent "Top Ten" Award in full hero

2014/6/7      view:
      Printing industry in 2008 "Top Ten" vote to let us witness the success of the past year, active in the Chinese printing industry in the outstanding figures and first-class enterprises, with their own efforts and achievements continue to push forward enterprise printing industry and also encouraged people to each printing more courage to face the future development of the global financial crisis under. This is exactly the HC printing network held "Top Ten" Award purpose lies: with the power of brands and innovation encouraged everyone!
      Once again we enter 2009 looking forward to that sacred moment, in a solemn elite gathered in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse where 2009 HC Chinese printing and packaging industry, "Top Ten" Award Presentation Ceremony will be held here. Review of 2009 has been in the past, a sudden financial crisis, the development of China's printing and packaging industry is also in crisis-ridden 2009, the state issued a decisive 4000000000000 industrial promotion policy and investment plans, printing and packaging industry The large number of insight sweeping into turn "crisis" as a "machine" to create one after another enterprise development miracle. In 2009, the global financial crisis has also opened up for these enterprises "going out" door, at more competitive in the international market they represent the Chinese printing and packaging industry, brilliant writing them manufactured in China.
"This is Han Guanhua goal and vision, Han Guanhua do the world's most influential suppliers rapid integration, our future goal is not to compete and domestic opponents, our opponents abroad is our To become a driving force in overseas markets, in order to achieve this goal in 2008, 2009 and even 2010, we are contrarian invested heavily in the offensive overseas markets. "
      "The main aim of the exhibition in Belgium sun machinery is unveiled, so that European consumers understand us. Everyone in the country know about the sun machinery may be more, but we have to continue to strengthen publicity abroad, frequent appearances. For the later, we the company will reduce the number of entries relative to domestic exhibition, but the main focus on a number of important exhibitions abroad. "
      "Wang Chang have not been affected by the financial crisis, because the impact of the financial crisis, many domestic manufacturers still have the strength to continue 添购 advanced prepress equipment, enhance the competitiveness of the market. Higher equipment requirements of our customers, the more prominent Wang Chang advantages of our products. More importantly, we need to participate and compete in the international market, the financial crisis, more of an opportunity. "
       It sounds every entrepreneur are telling us that in 2009 Chinese printing and packaging industry has become more mature and stronger in the "storm" of baptism, is also in this context, the forthcoming 2009 Chinese printing and packaging industry in ten Large selection was also placed more expectations. Promote print culture, recognition of industry excellence, HC printing network as the professional media industry effort to build "HC printing and packaging industry in China in 2009 Top Ten Award" campaign, seeking change in the situation of the leader, to witness the printing and packaging industry development achievements! Let us work together countdown now!