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Box printing quality detection technology

2014/6/7      view:
        Currently, boxed print quality detection technology are mainly two ways density mode and chrominance. Wherein the density of the process control mode is a mode for control of the key aspects of the production process according to the printing ink film thickness. Colorimetric method is a high-precision system control mode, according to the chroma intuitive or spectroscopy to measure the color control, but must be considered printed materials, applications and testing purposes. On implementation, both artificial offline sampling can also be used to automatically detect the online mode.
A special material printing quality testing and control
In color box packaging, special materials and application of new materials and innovation is a trend, like smoke from a paper bag develop soft pack, hard pack jam hard to foil gold and silver cardboard package. These composite or high-gloss surface coating material with a metallic luster and refractive surfaces, printed on various colors of exquisite designs, the people feel upscale and elegant, can greatly enhance the product value space, is widely used in high-end box.
Such a high-gloss surface material applied to the surface due to the formation, with a relatively strong metallic luster, when the incident light is irradiated, there is a strong specular reflection occurs. Therefore, the surface color appearance will change with the viewing angle changes, resulting in the production process of color printing is not easy to control, so that the face to ensure consistent printing plant of the same batch printing ink, and even different batches of printed materials quality control problem and its special detection technology requirements.
Box printed with special materials in addition to its print four-color printing color, spot color, and there are many anti-counterfeiting technology, which detects contents include density, dot gain, registration and shiny. Due to the constraints of special material surface gloss, density and dot measurement, must be applied d / 0 geometry measurement of optical test equipment, preferably in accordance with the principle of splitting the 400 ~ 700nm wavelength of visible light is divided into 31 measurement intervals, measuring objects color spectral reflectance, and then come to value and color of CIELab color spectrophotometer, such as X-Rite SP series. Thus, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of high-gloss surface material measured data. Common materials used in geometry 0/45, measuring instruments, such as X-Rite900 series is unable to obtain consistent and accurate results.
2, spot color printing quality testing and control
Packaged in a printed product, because spot color printing with a large field blocks of color, eye-catching colors, good shelf display effect; reduced chromatic aberration trapping due to network, network deformation, color stability, easy to identify, and therefore uses a lot of professionals color printing is their basic features. Currently, spot color measurement and control means domestic box printing business is relatively backward, most still in the master workers rely on experience to deploy spot color ink stage, there is a ratio of spot color ink is not precise enough, the deployment of a long time, the big influence of subjective factors shortcomings. Therefore, the use of color matching system is the best solution for the problem, but also the direction of mainstream technology and international quality control and testing box.
Spot color ink system with a computerized, color matching software, spectrophotometer, analytical balance, inking instrument, instrument development and printability tester ink composition system. Spot color ink system can be tested with the experimental parameter storage box printing business printing materials, ink and color data in the system database, the software can color samples for spectrophotometric measurements based on spot color provided by the customer, the application of computer automatically for color analysis and color jobs, according to the CIELab value of customer samples and color samples, density, △ E to control color conditions and provide printing control parameters, which can be achieved with spot color ink digitized. Ink formulations such as Switzerland GretagMacbeth SpectroEye spectrophotometer system including hardware and InkFormulation, which can be measured not only SpectroEye printed dot density values, you can also measure the hue (Hue), Saturation (Saturation) and brightness (Luminosity); InkFormulation only very concentration of less foot ladder can build an accurate database. Data for both color offset printing, also for flexo, gravure and screen printing, ink formulations can provide a variety of sorting methods, such as by similarity of hue, value metamerism, color ink price, ink usage, ink film thickness. Thus, the application of digital color experience breakthrough constraints fundamentally box printing industry to meet higher quality, shorter cycle time, lower cost development requirements.
3, box printing quality on-line measurement and control technology
With the development of digital image capture technology and processing technology, the use of closed-circuit control system for the entire image printed products to detect and adjust the print quality for real-time online detection and control technologies are becoming increasingly popular and optimization. International mainstream printer manufacturers have already online image detection system as standard equipment, such as MAN Roland PECOM, Heidelberg CPC32, BOBST Switzerland, the United States PROIMAGE, Japan DAC and TOKIMEC.
Online printing quality inspection and control system using a high-resolution, high-resolution, high-speed captured image pickup lens, the standard data for the standard sample, the difference image is detected in real time comparison with a standard sample and the type of shot (e.g., sewage generated in the printing process tracks, dots, color and other errors). 0.10mm defect size can be accurately found even if the defect is only a standard grayscale image of the difference. This system can eliminate human error, to achieve the box print speed, high precision, 100% of the real-time detection, and the establishment of a unified, quantifiable test.
In short, box printing quality testing and control of the digital future is the direction of a representative of the production of new box printing, design, printing and finishing of integrated production technical support. At present, although there are still some deficiencies or domestic bottlenecks in box printing quality testing and control the digital side, but the main difficulty is eliminated, has seen the bright future. Master quality control of digital technology, to establish its own innovative technology to achieve fine job, will be the key to a huge box printing market, income distribution, and the fundamental problem is also box printing enterprises for sustainable development.