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KCNA reported that the East White Printing opening ceremony

2014/6/7      view:
    KCNA in Pyongyang on June 27 electricity "North East White DPRK-China friendship is a joint printing plant garden flower blooming camellias." Ceremony on the DPRK Foreign Languages Press chief editor Cuijing Guo held in Pyongyang for the 25th The above said. Eastern white printing is a joint venture with China Eastern North Korean Foreign Languages Press Wynn International Investment Hong Kong Limited and Jiangsu Color Printing Co., Ltd. jointly established.
The plant will be carried out in the territory of the DPRK independent import and export of various business activities, including the production and sale of the use of security printing, plastic printing, letterpress printing and other various print and trademarks, processing and sales of various publishing and printing materials. Korean companies will strive to meet domestic demand, while actively taking orders on the international market.
Cuijing Guo said that North Korea is willing to joint venture on the basis of law and its enforcement provisions and other relevant law, the spirit of the principle of equality and mutual benefit and through friendly consultations effective implementation of all the agreements reached between the parties. Plant will guarantee the credibility and economic efficiency in the operation and management for the development of North Korea's publishing and printing industry to contribute.
Pyongyang is located in Xicheng District, Eastern white printing joint venture of two layers: the first floor of the main production equipment furnished, 2nd floor inspection jobs hall and offices.