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Blizzard fell to the British printing companies suffer serious harm

2014/6/7      view:
       UK time January 6, 2010, for the return from the holidays in terms of digital printing in the printing business in China, and now have to come last night, just a UK print management company Webmart factory in Bicester area snow thickness of 20 cm, while the located in the southern port city of Wales Swansea HarcourtLitho said local snow thickness is almost close to 40 cm, although the company has some employees leave image processing, but the printing business is still continuing. This fact has also been echoed online experts
For the Inverness area PiccooloPress companies, so that it is not trouble this snow. Because of extreme adverse weather conditions, all the supplies and personnel have been concentrated in the company's workshop, so that normal operations can not be carried out. Printing orders delayed, and customers had to inform the details, should assume its responsibilities.
ImageIT also known as factory located in Daventry area suffered a severe snowstorm, despite its claim to all the company's normal operations.
According to the BBC reported that in the next few days, the central and northern England Blizzard will continue to suffer harm. Britain currently FMPrint such companies, the company released the plight suffered snowstorms.
Heavy snow a "battle", it is learned, this snow will continue for one night.