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Printed in the future from its past: the future of provocation prophecy scholars

2014/6/7      view:
       Professor trends and design consultant MichaleHardt proposed: the printing industry does not need to reinvent themselves to be more successful. The report pointed out that the old competitive printing industry has profound significance for its future development.
Everyone is talking about a major Wall Street investment bank failures caused by the economic crisis, which in the case without warning us to the vacuum state. In fact, we have witnessed a great change occurred; in this case, we shift from consumer society to the customer community, obedient consumers can not control the evolution of the customer.
      Industry What happened? Personalized advertising from the media and their expected development trend point of view, it is clear that the network is booming, and the printing is losing ground. In the information and timeliness optimize personalized forms of media competition, the printing industry obviously lost positions. In less than 10 years time, 95% of the world's people will become Internet users, where they can always find whatever information they want, in the second step can be followed by a reaction, such as direct ordering and so on.
Despite the success of the printing industry through efforts to improve the yield and speed, reduce costs, improve quality, but printing companies are still experiencing the most difficult period. Print quality is no longer a problem, and the quality of the printed product content has become a real problem, a number of high-quality products do not even deserve to be published.
      Early printed products is invaluable. They are long-term placement in the sacred buildings and rooms, where they are long-term storage for generations. And until the demise of the modern printing products may never be read in the garbage dump, they valuable time can be measured in seconds. So when the information content of printed products carrying worthless, even the best printing products, also appears to be meaningless.
Threat Giants. We know the opponent's strengths, weaknesses, but what he is? Giants have this huge brain, but no long-term memory. Digital age face enormous threats memory loss. Scientists say the total loss reserves contemporary knowledge of symptoms: Digital dementia.
      In 320 AD, one of the first media is how to avoid disaster last minute. Time data carrier as straw paper hand-rolled, hand-rolled high probability of such accidents disintegration. Thus, Constantine the Great began a massive relief effort. All are hand-rolled straw paper book (Codex) replaced parchment paper instead of the straw. As much of the literature is rush transferred to a more permanent data carrier. Probably because of the priority list of reasons, philosophical and legal achievements are listed as the most priority, and technical information on the second place. So also, engineering knowledge throughout the ancient society completely lost, become archaeologists today can not explain the mystery.
      Emperor Constantine created a knowledge base of precedent, and their descendants are constantly improved, until Gutenberg invented the letterpress printing. The value of knowledge is carefully preserved. Its core meaning is not only to create knowledge transmission, but also to maintain the value of culture. The latter often due to the passage of time unnoticed.
Ongoing archive of knowledge. Now we can only store data carrier data for a short period of time. In 1850, the industrial production of handmade paper production life than before a lot shorter. We can see our own pictures persistence through family photos, and situations similar to this disk. NASA is currently making every effort to rescue data from various space missions. Today, digital media has a shorter life cycle. Printing industry to save our society has lost the knowledge and skills of cultural memory. It takes us back to the root cause: sustainable access to knowledge, rather than short-term knowledge of release.
      The direction of technology development principle is correct, the printing industry is able to make a lot in a short time analog reproduction of digital data, and improve capacity through a variety of ways. But the industrialized mass production directly at ways to further strengthen spending. After all, now or customers and production-oriented, and we did the concept of social economics is much more room for imagination.
       Is it true? When I was very young when he was attracted by cultural transmission mission of the printing industry. Return mission to trigger future industry revival, the printing industry in its traditional cultural values. This means that the printing industry has a clear view: paper manufacturers need to produce sustainable use of paper again; ink manufacturers need to produce a high degree of light fastness of ink; printing equipment manufacturers for production may need to be converted into digital data Analog persistence printed printing equipment. Classic bookbinding methods and ultra-modern printing technology upgrade will bring the landmark in the printing industry!
       We need to provide the information industry is worth reading and memory content. We also need a Constantine the Great, great understanding of the problems posed by the digital dementia and expect solutions.