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Development of the domestic printing industry is the trend of green printing

2014/6/7      view:
      In the future development of the printing industry, green printing has become a trend.
      What is a green printing? Green printing is the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, the printing process produces less pollution, conserve resources and energy, the print is easy to recycle waste recycling, natural degradation, little impact on the ecological environment of printing. Green printing requirements and environmental coordination, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean production process printing, printed on the user's safety, as well as printed materials recycling and recyclable. That is printed from raw material selection, production, use and recycling throughout the life cycle should comply with environmental requirements.
      To promote the culture and environment of eco-friendly society, promote the sustainable development of the printing industry, former Press and Publication Administration and the Environmental Protection Department on October 8, 2011 issued a "Notice on the implementation of green printing", decided to print the whole Industry mobilization and deployment implementation of green printing jobs.
      Apart from the implementation of green printing companies make relevant policies, and in other areas have also taken measures: a sound legal system; 2 use of environmental technology processing waste gas; 3 green packaging design optimization; 4 green printing should be excluded hazards; 5 international overview of the development of green printing; 6 Status and Development of green printing.
      In China, such a large scale, a system implemented a green printing strategy is rare in the world. For each printing companies, it should be a clear understanding of the changing times, always concerned about the perception of the industry and adapt to changes in the development of industry restructuring needs of each enterprise to adjust the rhythm, adapt to change. For the printing industry, will face a management philosophy, ways and means, the transformation of information technology services; while for enterprises, positive goal, unremitting efforts, in order to win the initiative in the process of transformation and development.
      Although green printing in the country is still in its infancy, although initial results have been achieved, but there are still large compared to the gap with foreign countries. One important purpose of implementing green printing policy is through the implementation of green printing, supporting large and medium-sized green stiffeners excellent printing companies, to limit and eliminate polluting small workshop-type low-grade and low-grade corporate and accelerate China's printing industry from printing a Major Printed power shift.
      So should reach a consensus on the idea of promoting the implementation of actions to achieve common growth of business and industry for the country, "second five" development goals to achieve their best.