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Information to help private entrepreneurs realize the dream of a world-class management

2014/6/7      view:
     With the continuous development of information management and in-depth, as the traditional printing and packaging industry has been moving away from manual operation mode, and then move to digital printing era. All along, the printing industry in terms of ability to update and typesetting software, printing equipment all have an absolute advantage, usually to introduce large-scale investment in equipment to drive business growth trend is more obvious. Under the new business model, the development prospects of the printing and packaging industry is extremely attractive, the industry as "sunrise enterprise."
However, a substantial increase in the frequent shortage of printing and packaging industry in a highly competitive market environment, the procurement of supply, continued low sales prices, production varieties, printing the number dropped sharply, increasingly shorter delivery cycles, difficulties in credit growth of ... All of these issues ... let corporate executives feel the pressure, companies seeking to upgrade is imminent.
In the case of the successful transformation of printing and packaging enterprise, located in the Town of Danyang Yellow successful technology-intensive areas of the course, Jiangsu Color Printing Co., perhaps to peer more exploration and thinking. "Competition among enterprises is ultimately the level of competition, information management can effectively improve the level of productivity, and promote industrial escalating, and this is the best way to printing and packaging companies seeking development." This is the chairman 焦小林 in the interview Road to success when we tell.
A thousand miles begins with one step - to pursue their dreams
Color Printing Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province, founded in 1994, has now developed into an area 150,000 square meters, construction area of 86,000 square meters, fixed assets of 360 million yuan, annual production capacity of 1.2 billion yuan in the printing business. The company has 650 employees, including professional engineers, technical staff of 68 people, the formation of offset, gravure, flexo, cigarette packets, foreign card five production lines. Fully enclosed workshop, suitable temperature, moderate, 100,000 sterile production control, the company has passed the BSI ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and ISO14000 environment system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, HACCP food safety control system certification, AIB U.S. food safety certification, the American International Toy ICTI certification, QS certification and Disney, McDonald's, Philips, ITS, Wal-Mart's social responsibility certification.
The company has always insisted "customer focus, with talent as the cornerstone of environmental responsibility, full participation, with the quality of development, with management was effective, with credibility for the market" business philosophy to "good faith compliance, excellence, prevention pollution, continuous improvement "for the guidelines, now with more than fifty foreign investment, foreign-invested enterprises established long-term partner, and successfully become a designated Fortune 500 McDonald's, KFC, Kraft, Philips, Colgate, Procter & Gamble and other companies packaging suppliers.
Turning to the Lottery's development process, Chairman Jiao Xiaolin all emotion. The inception of the company in 1994, operating mainly in wine packaging products, but due to the continuous adjustment of national tax policies, companies began to seek transformation. 1999 a chance, lotteries began to get involved in dealing with Fortune 500 clients, with rising sales, business development started on the right track. Introduction of new equipment, the plant's continuous expansion in the hardware facilities the company has a good advantage, but management model is relatively slow, especially with suppliers, customer communication and exchange between the presence of certain obstacles, manually operated production mode allows lotteries lost a lot of opportunities to change an information management transformation imperative.
"With the operation of information systems, standardized production processes, optimize the supply chain, and thus the integration of industry resources to achieve enterprise management upgrade, march to the international." The wisdom of the private entrepreneur-minded pursuit of bigger dreams, his hopes advantages over existing equipment and world-class information management model combined to achieve further development and growth of lotteries.
"133556" interpretation of information technology, 45 minutes clapper Selection
Printing and packaging industry generally use the "Order pull" business model, which are derived from the production plan customer orders, according to the order of production. However, due to the large number of customer orders and do not repeat, and the process more fast turnaround, especially for higher product pricing, property, and other aspects of the state out of storage requirements, undoubtedly require companies should continue to improve the integrated management, and the ability to provide accurate procurement, production, marketing, financial data of four modules.
Based on "information management" scenario, the target lotteries authority concentrated in a number of domestic software vendors, but UF senior adviser Dunning's 45 minutes of information representation, so that the chairman Jiao Xiaolin spot closed. Recall that this experience, the two sides still fresh.
Dunning with "133556" simple interpretation of the company from procurement to payment process: "1 refers to a process; 3 refers to the three stages, namely planning, control, analysis; another 3 refers to the three streams, namely, information flow, capital flow and logistics; 5 refers to the five departments involved in procurement, namely planning, procurement, quality, inventory, finance; another 5 refers to the five elements, namely, documents, materials, invoices, cash, vouchers; 6 refers to six major problem, namely why the purchase? Why purchase so many? Why Buy Now? Why choose this provider? Why receipts? Why pay? essentially procure to pay process is to solve these six problems, the first three are planning problem (performance), the three control issues (efficiency). software vendors to explain the traditional model can not solve the problem, its clear thinking and thorough analysis, let Jiao Xiaolin, chairman of the Lottery to see ideas and information management direction while UF also put on the Lottery's service as a model project, started his printing and packaging industry UF especially cherish this cooperation.
Common management, personality functioning, to achieve the industry leader
Before using UF Software, lotteries have also tried to use the type of software industry, but its one-sided emphasis on personality but can not manage with international standards, but can not meet the growing needs of lotteries, because the software failed, so 99% of the entire senior management of enterprise leaders do not agree on the second line of information management, which makes the chairman Jiao Xiaolin quite difficult. After three months of research and analysis, each department has gradually accepted and the successful implementation of information technology operations under the leadership of directors of Coke. UF allows lotteries to cooperate with the successful transformation, but also to win the lottery information management into a new milestone.
With industry software emphasizes individuality, industry management thinking different, more emphasis on common UF U8 systems management, operations management ideas individuality. Lottery trends with the requirements of its international management concepts and methods, but also requires its industry characteristics with the printing and packaging industry-specific management processes and methods, due to the different requirements of the regional environment, geography, culture, quality of staff and other factors Lottery should adhere to common management, based on personality functioning as target for the development of suitable Lottery information platform, and further realize the industry leader.
By establishing the responsibility of both the constraint evaluation mechanism, phases and layers of follow-up project, Jiao Xiaolin, chairman of this work is quite satisfactory, and stressed: "the effective operation of information technology requires both sides to work together to be successful, both parties should be clear right responsibility, regular collection problems, and timely feedback to maintain effective communication and collaboration to ensure the smooth operation of lotteries information. "
Information management, the rapid development of lotteries
The project officially from June 2008 until August 2009 to implement a comprehensive inspection, which lasted 14 months, has implemented and completed covering the financial ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, purchasing, sales, inventory, VMI escrow, inventory accounting, bill of materials, demand planning, production orders, shop floor management, personnel management, cost management and other business modules to achieve a comprehensive information management lotteries model, effectively control production costs, standardize business processes, as lotteries bring enormous economic benefits.
Turning to the benefits of information management, the chairman Jiao Xiaolin quite pleased: "By UF U8 system, lotteries tend to standardize the collection of basic business processes on the basis of information control, internal control and other aspects of the production, standardization and achieve people, integration and information flow financial, material, supply, marketing, transport data, capital flow, logistics combine overall operating lotteries are effectively upgrade. "to further optimize the process, making the enterprise down from the original 99 % oppose the change to 100% support the concept of change, quickly pushing enterprises in the procurement, production, sales, service, finance, personnel and other links with suppliers, customers closely together, form an effective information channel to achieve supply chain optimization integration and customer resources. Through information management, competition in the market to make lotteries more sensitive responsiveness in the industry chain more competitive advantage in the development of the industry and more rapidly. "
Advantage in terms of information management, directors presented their focus is quite insightful:
Control production costs, flexible and accurate quotes
Upon receipt of the order of business, according to customer requirements in a timely manner to enter the product name, size, quantity, fight number puzzle size within quotation system, is expected to pass rate, packaging, material consumption details, production processes and their corresponding production equipment and process data and other information, and then combined with depreciation, labor, utilities, interest, taxes and other pooled costs and other factors to calculate product costs, in considering the future target margin products derived products offer. Quotation system can be said to be the source of operating lotteries, and the traditional manual quotes valuation difficulties, poor accuracy factor compared to the system in terms of cost control quotes meaningful and significant.
General system cost quotations, including direct material costs, pre-press, printing, postpress processing costs, packaging and transportation costs and management fees and other related costs constitute. Systems offer relatively simple and accurate, not only to meet customer demand, to further clarify the printing process route, and the results of its offer has become a product plan costs, control costs and appraisal costs basis. Meanwhile, a large number of reference data related products, while ensuring product quality and production decisions also play a role can not be underestimated.
After the completion of production orders, the cost of the report can be queried by the actual consumption of material costs, labor costs, manufacturing costs, and the actual cost and planned cost difference analysis in order to better guide product pricing, product cost while effectively controlling .
Explicit material requirements, product specification file
Upon receipt of orders from customers in the different, often at the same time the production of different products, and each product are different processes in materials management, production of raw materials is relatively complex, particularly those involving paper, ink, accessories and other varieties of models Comparison of variety. With UF ERP system, through the analysis of customer orders for technology products, the timely entry of material tables, matching tables, and automatically generate the corresponding BOM, and closely connected with the quotation for the work order to provide more accurate information collar material, but also to achieve a state of semi-finished products out, keep abreast of the status of storage and control.
Artificial performance appraisal, accounting staff salaries
Upon completion of the production order, the system will use to complete the process of Statistics and worker payroll. Different from the traditional manual payroll accounting, payroll accounting in the system is relatively simple and statisticians from the original more than 20 now reduced to two, saving the company's human and material resources.
After the completion of each step will be completed in a single entry in the system, and employees by maintaining the reasons Pages page, enter the product of the number of qualified and bad pieces, and the amount of the actual completion of employees, wages, employee coefficient, auto-complete product qualification rate and accounting wages, while in terms of reward and punishment, reward and punishment can enter a single wage for maintenance, to be honored at the end of the actual salary. By upgrading the system, in terms of personnel management to timely monitor and effectively to ensure the normal operation of the production.
Integrated network optimization, control financial operations
Effective operation and quick return of funds is the basis of business operations, Dong Jiao money management when it comes to mixed feelings: "smooth or not related to the capital chain lifeblood of enterprises, corporate reputation and effectively support the healthy functioning thanks to funds effective use of capital flow is a very happy thing. "," happiness "is perhaps the continuous development and progress Lottery greatest feeling.
Through the accounts payable, accounts receivable aging analysis, delivery, returns and other aspects of effective inquiry and timely control of surplus and shortage of funds, the use of financial data to further optimize the integration of upstream and downstream supplier network and constantly optimize procurement channels, providing customers with high quality, satisfactory service products.
By faith cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation, it is not difficult to explain why lotteries can become cleaning entering China for 20 years in China as its designated area of packaging suppliers reasons, to improve management capability is the greatest guarantee of competitive advantage This is also the pursuit of world-class lotteries Jiao Xiaolin, chairman of the management dream in mind.
Postscript: Turning to the impact of the economic crisis on the industry and lotteries brought Dong Jiao said confidently, he said: "because of differences in the supply chain, lotteries and peers customer base may be slightly different, high-end customers in the resistance risk capacity than the low-end customers, compared stronger as a business supplement to the International Lottery in the end, the domestic high-end customers to enter., such as 2009 companies have developed new customers Wuliangye, Maotai, Langjiu, Luzhou, Jiangsu "Three ditch a river" and other high-end domestic users, robust information management so that lotteries have the confidence to face the difficulties and challenges.
Turning to the achievements of recent years, the focus on the Lottery directors have access to the global BSI certified "best supplier" very proud of this award, I hope win the lottery through its continuous innovation and development, to become a world-class an excellent representative of the enterprise vendors.
We sincerely wish Lottery at UF's companionship, getting better and better!