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2010 printing technology and equipment development project is the focus

2014/6/7      view:
    Macroeconomic risks in 2010 are mainly inflation pressure, as well as price increases caused by the difficulties of business, resulting in economic growth fell. In this sense, the 2010 and even quite a long time to come, China's printing industry will be transferred to the depth of the transformation and upgrading of adjustment.
    Keywords: Planning
    Focus: printing technology and equipment development projects is the key
    National introduced the "Cultural Industry Promotion Plan", the printing industry as one of the key cultural industries to focus on supporting industries, further clarified the important strategic position in the printing of cultural industries of the national economy and social education, planning requirements for the printing industry "To develop high-tech printing, specialty printing, and built a number of unique, technologically advanced printed copy base."
       If printing is the key industries of the future development of the cultural industry, then printing technology and equipment development is focused on the development of the printing industry in the future. Therefore, it is imperative will be digital inkjet printing technology and equipment, a major high-speed multi-color sheetfed printing and web offset printing technology and equipment, high performance and security flexo printing technology and equipment and other new technology, new equipment development projects included in the state as soon as possible the focus of the project, in order to break through the implementation of key projects driven planning.
Keywords: upgrade
Focus: improve industrial concentration, focusing on the development of internationally competitive backbone enterprises
Ministry of Commerce of China Development Bank has identified 15 central and western provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 31 cities as processing trade gradient shift focus to undertake. In the transfer of industrial upgrading, we should pay more attention to the upgrade, you can not simply transfer the eastern region to central and western regions; be based on scientific analysis, make great efforts to restructure and eliminate high energy consumption, high emission and low efficiency of the backward production, construction and environment-friendly, ecological civilization, the modern printing industry; appropriately control the volume, to promote industrial agglomeration, focusing on the development of a number of advanced printing level, highlight the scale, the ability to participate in national and even international competition backbone enterprises formed Printed influential brand; actively encourage, support and promote various forms of association, merger and trans-regional, cross-industry association.
Relatively mature industry into the era of meager profit must, in this case, only the scale of the operation to seek to reduce costs, improve their market competitiveness. Scale greater than the general profitability of business enterprises, the fundamental reason is more advanced production equipment, labor productivity is relatively high (although there is not a small gap compared with developed countries), management practices and the relatively low cost of management, market development capability stronger after the crisis, the crisis means more, the reaction is relatively sharp. Therefore, regional development and key printing printing park construction industry is the focus of attention.
Keywords: profitable way
Focus: the adjustment of product structure, the development of creative printing, focusing on value-added services
In the new historical period, we can no longer rely on to win, to fight labor resources to win the fight. Relevant U.S. agencies on the future trends in the printing industry with the following prediction: traditional print revenue share will be less and less, more revenue from new value-added services; entire industry will face further consolidation; position in the packaging industry will become increasingly important.
Traditional printing business profit profit of China's printing industry had to face reality, but also the development of the printing industry can not escape the fate and trends, seek profit growth outside the traditional business has become the printing business to maintain the viability of sustainable development and sustainable inevitable .
Printing companies can leverage existing technology and equipment, the production chain extension to two creative design and marketing services for our customers realize the value added, and the design and printing of their copyrighted products, in print design, printing process, mounting more integrated into other aspects of cultural connotation, connotation is more valuable and truly out of the path of a sustainable and healthy development.
       Keywords: Talent
       Focus: to accelerate the pace of highly skilled workers building
       China has established a "built the world's major printing base" and strive to achieve the "print big country" to "print powerhouse" into the goal. To achieve this goal will require the construction of a modest size, reasonable structure, complete functions, content optimization personnel.
       Implementation of talent Societe strategy is to actively adapt to technology infrastructure industry to fully digital paradigm shift in the overall trend in the new century, the overall revitalization of China's printing industry, to provide intellectual support and talent pool, is to take high-level talent ranks as the focus, comprehensively promote management personnel, professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel three operating personnel coordinated development.
       Highly skilled resource scarcity has hindered the development of the printing industry, a major bottleneck in front of us is an important and urgent task. Work Skills Competition is one of the important ways and means of training and selection of skilled personnel is an important part of the development of training highly skilled work. China Printing Technology Association in 2010 will host the 2010 second national printing industry vocational skills competition as the starting point, efforts to improve the quality of technical skills and management industry: in conjunction with the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) Press and Publication Bureau of Indian Association, Chinese newspaper Industry Association, Founder, China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Branch institutions and related organizations Peking good lithographic, lithographic printing, screen printing three types of contest preliminaries, Press and Publication Administration to assist the Division of Personnel, printing and distribution management company organizing the contest finals and awards ceremony concluded, the implementation of the relevant promotion good race winning staff, good opening for senior skilled personnel fast-growing channel.