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Printing Industry Prospects

2014/6/7      view:
      As China's economic development and integration with the international economy, international capital to enter the accelerated pace of China's printing industry. By 2020, about half of the world to be printed on a digital press production. Variable data printing will become the main driving force of the industry. In the next decade, with ink-based part of the market will hand over their numbers, however, will never replace the digital offset printing. A series of figures show the development prospects of China's printing industry optimistic.
      All enterprises currently in full production machine, balance production and sales, inventory levels prevalent in 1-20 weeks, from the previous month and a half months of inventory has improved significantly. Pulp prices is expected to end there will be 10% -15% increase. But the major listed companies cheap pulp can be used to 10-11 month, so three quarters of businesses are "low pulp, high-priced paper." Paper industry recovered significantly downstream demand, domestic demand upturn terminal and channel restocking are supporting increased demand for paper and paper prices rising factors. In addition, coated paper exports increase, but also exacerbate the shortage of domestic supply kinds of paper. The main level of profitability of listed companies in July exceeded market expectations, expected in the third quarter alone, earnings levels reached historic levels. Fourth quarter, pulp prices will continue to rise, but the company locked from pulp costs can offset part of the cost rise. The fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of paper, paper prices are expected to rise further.
      In 2008 the global printing industry overall profits shrink in 2009 for the printing industry will face more challenges. Under the influence of many uncertain factors, investment plan every step of printing the owners are required to be more cautious and more close to the market. Over the years, the world has been showing the three pillars of the situation, the United States, Europe and Asia each accounted for about one-third of the entire market share. Specifically, a total value of $ 610 billion in the proportion of North America, Europe and Asia have accounted for 32%, 32% and 28%, the proportion of the rest of the world is only 8%. Still, some experts predict that by 2011, the eastward shift will occur throughout North America and Europe market share will drop to 28% and 31%, Asia and other parts of the market share will rise to 30%, respectively, and 11%, while the total value will exceed $ 720 billion.
      According to the "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the total industrial output value of China's printing industry is expected to reach about 440 billion yuan, accounting for 2.5% of GDP; print production and processing capacity will enter the world. Estimated that by 2010, the overall market growth worldwide print of 3% to 4%, the printing industry is facing competition and pressure is growing. In 2010, when digital printing will now accounts for 4% of the entire share increased to 14%, including inkjet technology will account for half of the 2015 global digital printing output will reach 124.8 billion euros; estimated that by 2010, when will be printed in the overall growth rate of 3% -4%.